The ROYAL AQUAMASTER, AKA the RAM!  This is the best breathing regulator that US Divers had to offer.  If you want a vintage scuba regulator that will breathe well on a high pressure cylinder then this is the one you want.  It does not matter if it is at 3500 PSI or 300 PSI, it will supply you air like no other regulator out there.  This example came to me with mismatched hoses?  One hose appeared to be of DACOR DIVING LUNG origin and the other a regular US Divers,  The regulator itself looked as if it had been dived, if at all, a few times in fresh water only.  The label is a gorgeous blue and almost perfect.  The chrome also is so nice it was a pain to photograph.  I bet you can tell me what kind of camera I was using (see reflection).  I restored this regulator with correct US DIVERS hoses and dive it with great care.


Click here for RAM pics in action.