Royal Aquamaster gallery


Barb and Rob relaxing between dives on the Yo and SEA TIGER in Hawaii Sept 2007. This was one of the coolest trips because some of my favorite peeps were there. Barb, Bryan, and Jill. Plus I finally got to meet Turtleguy Roger and his wife Lisa.

Sept 2007. Get this thing off of my RAM.

Sept 2007. I was totally attacked for no reason by Slurpy the Octopuss.

Sept 2007 Me breaking the law with the RAM.

Searching for turtles in Hawaii with the aid of my RAM 2007.

Roger, Bryan and I diving the YO in Hawaii. My RAM was working great next to Bryan's Spirotechnique Royal Mistral and Roger's yellow hosed USD. Sept 2007

Diving a Royal Aquamaster in Troy Spring near Branford Fla.

Cathching LOBSTERS in the fresh water of Blue Springs quarry in Indiana. 2004.

SAND DOG 2 diving a RAM with my new twin 72 cf tanks in MANATEE SPRINGS.

Catfish hotel in Manatee Spgs park Florida.

Wayne K. diving my DA and me with a RAM in Catfish 2005 SAND DOG 2.

Bryan P. of VDH with a RAM and his "Mini doubles" Sand Dog 2 2005.

Bryan P. of VDH making some last minute adjustments on a cool morning at SAND DOG 2 2005.

Here is Fred Morrison diving a RAM at the SEA HUNT 50th celebration at Silver Springs outside of Ocala Florida.

Fred is one of the best dressed vinatge divers ever. Tom M is in tow. Note, the I SPY statues in the background. 2008.

Here is Barb diving in Weekie with a RAM. I am with here using my Voit Lung.