The Black label Kajman Photo Gallery

The Black Label Kajman dives just a nicely as the red label.


This is Juliet who lives in Germany. She was nice enough to test dive the Scuba Museum's new black label Kajman.

As a test diver she needed to make sure it was working properly before it was shipped from Europe to the USA.

Juliet is only 11 years but has perfect form in the water.

Juliet likes the Kajman for easy breathing and for comfortable hoses. She stated that the stiff single hose regs are very uncomfortable in comparison.

Juliet is part fish and a valued asset to The Scuba Museum.

Juliet's Dad is very proud of her and you can see why.

Juliet even wore the reg with the label facing outwards to show of the rare black label.

This is the Black label K in action in Blue Springs quarry Sept 2011. It did a great job on the 1 hour 20 minute long dive in the low 60 temps.

Note the Black Kajman looks right at home with the Hydroglove drysuit.

The black Kajman after a long dive.

Peeking out with the Kajman black label.