Thanks to Luis there is another use for the FX cans series.  These special pre cut FX cans will allow you to mount your Trieste body with no modification to the lever height or regulator itself.  This will also allow you to use a gray silicone diaphragm instead of the smaller less efficient Trieste diaphragm.  This modified FX can will allow you to get the most out of your Trieste.  I first dived this configuration in Cozumel and was amazed at the performance and so will you be.  The greatest thing about it is that you DO NOT have to modify the original regulator.  It is simply a plug and play situation.  If you don't like it or want to go back to the old school Voit Swimaster AMF Trieste simply remove and replace in the metal cans and go about your way.  There is not a need to change the lever height.  I am offering these cans for a limited time at no extra cost while supplies last.  I do not know how long I will have them in stock as they cost me to have them professionally cut so order now.

Thanks Luis for a great option.